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"Mediterranean Delight". International Belly Dance festival. 

June 5th-9th, 2014

Loutraki, Greece


1. Mediterranean Delight" website allows you to register and purchase your participation in the "Mediterranean Delight" festival through our website in an easy and comfortable way.

2. Every purchase of service from the website gives your consent to act by the rules of this policy. Hence, if you are not agreeing with the policy, please do not use the website.

3. Whoever make a purchase through the website, gives his consent that he agrees to the website policy, and will not have any complains, lawsuits or demand to any of "Mediterranean Delight" management or staff regarding the rules of this policy.

4. The purchase does not include flights and visa arrangements. All travel arranges requirements are up to the traveler's responsibility.

5. "Mediterranean Delight" keeps its right the change the policy according to its judgment.

6. The pictures in the website are for illustration only and are not bind "Mediterranean Delight".

7. All prices include taxes.

8. The "Mediterranean Delight" website use SSL security system as required.

Purchase rights

9. Any one with a valid credit card and e-mail address.

10. "Mediterranean Delight" management keeps the right to not accept purchase from individuals without giving further explanations.

11. "Mediterranean Delight" management keeps the right to cancel purchases for its judgment including the following: If you provided false information, if you act in the way that can hurt the website or a third party, if you acted illegally in the website or if your credit card was blocked or canceled.

Purchase process

12. In order to make a purchase, you should select the wanted package, fill in the personal information in the registration form as full name, address, phone number, e-mail address and credit card details. In order for the purchase will be quick and easy, please notice to fill in correct information.

13. Immediately after the purchase, "Mediterranean Delight" website will check the credit card details and after the confirmation you will receive a notice regarding your reservation status. Your place will be reserve only after the credit companies approval.

14. "Mediterranean Delight" management keeps the right to give promotions regarding certain products. All promotions will be available until the last date gives or until the product will run out of stock.

15. If purchase will be canceled, "Mediterranean Delight" won't be responsible for any harm or lost from any kind to you or to third party.



16. The festival will be held in June 5th-9th, 2014 in Loutraki, Greece or any other Mediterranean country.

17. All travel, insurance and visa requirements are up to the traveler’s responsibility.

18. You will receive a confirmation regarding your participation in the festival to the e-mail address provided in your registration form.

Cancellation Policy and fees:

19. If cancellation occurs on your part, he or she must notify "Mediterranean Delight" Festival in order to be eligible for refund.

20. If cancellation occurs before paying any deposit, there will not be a cancellation fee.

21. 100$ will be paid when you notify us before February 28th.

22.  If cancellation occurs less then a month before the event, 50% cancellation fee on the full amount will be required.

23. If cancellation occurs less then a week before the event, 100% cancellation fee on the full amount will be required.

24. In the unlikely event that it becomes necessary to cancel any part or all of the "Mediterranean Delight Festival", a full refund will be issued.

25. In case of a force majeure, or any other circumstances   (Political matters, strikes, war etc.) which is not depends on the organiser , the Mediterranean Delight Management keep the right to change the location of the event to a different venue in a similar standard.

*We recommend you to purchase refundable airlines tickets.


26. "Mediterranean Delight" we do anything possible to keep the website operating, but is not promise it will always work without any interruptions.

27. "Mediterranean Delight" will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage, that will occur to the acquire, or, any third party, as a result of using the website, including any possible lost of income.

Intellectual Property

28.  All of the intellectual property rights, including owner's rights, trade secrets, trade marks etc are "Mediterranean Delight" property.

29. Do not copy, duplicate, translate, sell or market any material from the website without "Mediterranean Delight" consent.

30. Do not use any of the material in "Mediterranean Delight" website in another website without its consent.

Confidentiality and Privacy

31. "Mediterranean Delight" website will do anything in its power to keep all the costumer details confidential. "Mediterranean Delight" will not transfer any of the costumer's information to a third party, and will do so only in the following matters:

- If the costumer did anything in order to hurt in the company or any third parties, including the other costumers.

- If the costumer used the website services for any illegal purposes.

- If the costumer broke the rules of this policy or any other rules concerning this website.

- If the "Mediterranean Delight" website received a court order to give the costumer's details.

Despite the fact that you are not eligible by law to give any personal information, "Mediterranean Delight" will not be able to complete the purchase without it.

32. Since "Mediterranean Delight" festival is working in a virtual environment, we can not promise a full immunity from invasion of illegal sources to our computers or database. If, even with the security "Mediterranean Delight" website is using, an illegal third party will invade to our systems, you won't have any complaints, lawsuits etc to the "Mediterranean Delight" website, staff or management.   

33. "Mediterranean Delight" keeps the right to collect data regarding the use of its clients on the website for statistic purposes.

34. "Mediterranean Delight" keeps the right to contact you regarding promotions, new events, any kind of updates etc, unless the costumer note differently.

We do not discriminate based on race, sex, age, religion, ethnicity, physical/mental disability and sexual orientation.

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