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"Star of the Orient"

Amazing competition prizes

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Whoever wishes to participate in the competition should mention it on their registration form and pay adittional registration fee of 50 Euro for the "Solo" category and 80 euro for the "Group" Category. 

Participation in 2 categories will be - 90 Euro

Participation in 3 categories will be - 120 Euro

Please read below in order to get more information about the competition.

** All potential participants must attend at least in 1 full day of workshops and nightly show  (160 Euro) if they don't come to full festival package



We offer 4 categories of competition:

*Classic Oriental Category 

*"Beyond Oriental" (Any Style that is not classic oriental)

*Folklore Category

*Group Category (4 dancers and up) 


Contest Procedures for solo oriental:

The competition will take place on Thursday, August 24th, 2018. Every contestant will be asked to dance a  classical choreography routine for her choice , no longer then 3 minutes. The judges will give scores according to musicallity, motility, aesthetic and style.


You Choose your own Prize: 

The 4 winnwers:(1st, 2nd, 3rd) will decide on their own prizes:

The 1st place winner will have the first option to choose between our 4 amazing prizes

The 2nd place winner will choose from the 3 prizes that left.

3rd place winner will choose the prize from 2 prizes that left



Full Festival Workshops Package Mediterranean Delight Festival 2019

Full Festival Workshops Package at BGBD Festival in Taiwan

Half workshops package at Ahsan Nass 


"Beyond Oriental" Category:  

Beyond Oriental - Each dance which is not pure oriental - tribal, fusion, gypsy etc...

In this catagory each dancer will have to dance a 3 minutes choreogaraphy


Full Festival Workshops Package Mediterranean Delight Festival 2019

50% discount for Workshops Package of Mediterranean Delight Festival 2019

Half workshops package at Ahsan Nass


Folklore Category:

Any Folklore Style, 3 minutes performing.


1. Open oriental dance festival "Ahsan Nass" (Odessa, Ukraine, August) - The winner will be part of the teachers team or full WS package of the "Ahsan Nass-2018"

2.Winner of the 3rd place will receive a full package of folklore festival "Rhythms of the Gulf" 2018 or 2019 (Ukraine)

Group Category

Groups of 4 dancers or more.

Each group will have to dance a 3 minutes choreography.


For the group category there will be 2 prizes, one for the choreographer and one for the group. 

The choreographer will be part of the teachers team in "Habibi Ya Eini" Festival in the Holy Land June 2017.

(includes full festival package - 2 night of accommodation). Flight fee is not included.

The group will win 300 Euro or participating in "Habibi Ya Eini Festival" or "Mediterranean Delight Festival" for a half prize discount.


* Prizes does not include flight tickets.




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